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Good news! I can now access LJ during the day again. That's the time when I'm awake, alert, and actually want to share stuff about my life.

Other good news -- the last day of school with kids is June 8, not June 9 like I thought. One less day of work. Yeah! Snow days are brutal in June.

Yet more good news -- no swine flu at my school. There is some in the surrounding suburbs, but none here yet. That's good, because I'm pretty stressed and worried I'd catch it. All of the times I've had the flu, I've been very stressed. That's 3 times, way more than most people.

Why am I stressed? Well -- many reasons. Each individually is not too bad, but together they are making me nervy.

1. K is still job-hunting and has reached the insanity point in this process. Numbers of resumes sent in the 100s, no interviews. It sucks, and I'm worried about him. Now that we're living together, it's hard to let that worry go even though I can't do anything about it.

2. I have not yet received official notice that I am rehired for next school year. The principal said I was going to be rehired, but until I get that piece of paper, I will remain nervous. Teaching jobs are brutal this year too. Lots of schools are cutting lots of staff. Mine included.

3. I'm still adjusting to the rythyms of this new living arrangement. I'm doing pretty well with the commute at this point, but living with K, upstairs from my mother, is still a bit odd. My mom does not believe there's a man alive good enough for me (taken to a greater extreme than with most parents simply because of the horror that was my father), and so has doubts about K. He's growing on her, but it's a slow process.

and finally . . .

4. Students are dumb. Sometimes this bothers me more than others. The seniors are making poor choices, and some of them won't graduate because of it, and it just makes me mad. They need to work for 2 more weeks only, and they can't seem to manage it. I hate saying that kids can't graduate, but 34% does not cut it. I won't be party to creating the unrealistic expectation that there are no consequences for skipping class and not doing work.

Overall, life is still good. The new space is gorgeous. I still like teaching (if only they would come to be taught). I'm about 95% sure I have a job next year. All good things. And hey, there's always knitting for when things get bad. I have my current sock in the classroom today, and the kids are doing book work. I'm going to grade and knit today, and enjoy the winding down of the school year. It will all work out somehow.
Sounds like you are just keeping on trucking. Which is good, in this day, so I'm glad things are moving forward even if it is a frustrating path.