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Audiobooks: I've been on a huge Ngaio Marsh kick. Revisiting the mysteries I used to steal from my mom's bookshelves as a child. My only gripe is that they are pretty formulaic. Some action happens, someone dies, Roderick Allyn comes in, figures it out in approximately two days, and sits everyone down and tells them what happens. At the end, the murderer confesses (usually feigning insanity) or commits suicide. Also, a couple who has just met in the last few days falls in love and decides to get married. I still like them though.

Knitting: Finished a Multnomah shawl for Kevin's mom for mother's day. Used two skeins of socks that rock lightweight. One was a rare gem -- brown and red and blue -- and the other is Jabberwocky, which is lots of colors but with similar browns and reds. They blend really well. I really should figure out how to post some pictures. Need to find some new mindless knitting for class tomorrow. I may start another one of those.

Good news: Kevin is in the army. Boot camp August 24.

Bad news: Kevin is in the army. Boot camp August 24.

School: Everybody loves the Van de Graff generator. I highly recommend them. Watching the kids shock each other and make people's hair stand on end is too funny.

Grad school: Some of the books are weird and insulting to both me and to my students. Political correctness gone bad. I have to be somewhat careful of stating this opinion however, since my professor picked them and obviously likes them.

Other stuff: Sleep is nice. I miss it.
Hi! I'm so glad you let me know you're posting again :) Welcome back! It sounds like things are going busily but well? Multnomah is on my (ever-expanding) queue; someday I'll get to it, I'm sure...