Audiobooks: repeating some J.D.Robb. Not terribly exciting.

Knitting: A plain ribbed sock for me in mini-mochi. Soft and nice shades of blue, green, and purple. Deep rich colors, not gaudy or laud. Nice sheen to the yarn. Pictures? What pictures? Any guesses as to where I put my camera? I haven't seen it in months.

School: did a joint activity with Naval Engineering Facilities Command for the last two days. Geocaching, math problems, and hazmat relay races, oh my! Can't wait to do it again. Meanwhile, the juniors have completed their high stakes testing so now we just need to wait to see if the scores moved in the right direction.

Good news: Two school days of hiking around the field in the sunshine :-)

Bad news: My face sunburned. It really shouldn't surprise me. I've had the same skin for 31 years.

Grad school: one of my partners is a total flake. The other is really good, though.

Other: Two days without an after-school nap is too many. Also, it is a bummer to realize that I cannot catch up on homework for one class on Sat morning because I need to attend the other one. Bad planning.

Off to bed now. Good night.